Bukit Pasoh Street Party: Highlights from Soul Journey Nine Songs

10 May
Bukit Pasoh
Free Admission
Join us as Siong Leng Musical Association charms audiences with a sampling of moving Nanyin music. Elements of instrumental music, singing, drama and costume design drawn from the traditional framework of Nanyin and Liyuan opera are blended to interpret and immerse audiences in the beauty and spirit of the Nine Songs, (a classical cycle of poems written by Chinese poet Qu Yuan over 2000 years ago).
The performance also hopes to illustrate Siong Leng Musical Association’s tenacity in preserving its roots while developing the art form to keep pace with changing times; preserving the charm of Nanyin music for today’s world.

7pm - 7.20pm


Outside 4B Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089818

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